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5 Ways Studying Abroad Stimulates Inner Growth

For college students, studying abroad creates new...



July 28, 2021

For college students, studying abroad creates new opportunities and memories that last a lifetime. Studying abroad is so important that it can be the deciding factor between two potential colleges. Regardless of a student’s field of study, studying abroad inspires great personal and educational growth. Here are 5 ways studying abroad can help a student grow.

1. Gain Different World Perspectives

Just like traveling does, studying abroad allows a person to gain new perspectives and experiences. New countries bring about a plethora of new ideas and cultural perspectives. This allows a person to better understand why they think a certain way and how other people may hold certain beliefs. Different perspectives can also help improve personal beliefs that a person already holds true. In other situations, studying abroad may inspire a person to change their viewpoints on important topics.

Students Learning

As a student in an abroad setting, there are many different opportunities that are presented to one’s learning experience. Studying abroad shows how different industries function around the world.


2. Sharpen a Personal Worldview

A worldview is why or how a person holds certain core beliefs. These beliefs may be cultural, religious, or come from an origin within society. Studying abroad allows a person to explore their worldview in different settings. In certain locations, their worldview may be challenged. This should not be viewed as a bad thing as it may allow a person to sharpen their beliefs. It is also common that a person’s worldview may be slightly altered or broadened due to their foreign setting.

Explore Opportunities

3. Explore Unknown Opportunities

Visiting a new country means finding more potential jobs after graduating. After all, most people’s reason for attending college is to further or start their careers. Studying abroad allows a person to dip their fit in the waters of areas they’ve always dreamed of living. For example, students are allowed to explore their dreams of being a stockbroker in New York City or fashion designer in San Francisco if that’s what their heart desires. To a less extravagant degree, it allows students to explore new areas or regions in a foreign country which they may consider adding to their new job search. 

4. Exposure to the Unknown 

Studying abroad means being exposed to unknown cultures, people, and scenarios. It is a life-changing experience that forces a person out of their comfort zone. New cities can be difficult to navigate. A student studying abroad may be exposed to new forms of public transportation that they never had in their home country. They also may experience new adventures such as going to the beach or hiking in a mountain. 



5. Understanding Different Forms of Communication

While studying abroad may encourage a new language to be learned, it goes beyond that. In different countries, people have different forms of communicating that go beyond just language. Body language may mean two entirely different things in different countries. Social cues also vary drastically in different countries. Forms of teaching may be different and students studying abroad will benefit from new ways of absorbing information. 

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