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StudentRoomStay Partners With Student Parachute to Ensure Student Safety



June 5, 2024



Global student accommodation provider StudentRoomStay (SRS) has announced its recent partnership with Student Parachute, a protection and evacuation membership with geolocation tracking for international students. 

Student Parachute is a tech-friendly membership that protects international students when the unexpected strikes during their time overseas. All international students will have automatic access to the Student Parachute membership through the StudentRoomStay platform. 

Adam Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of SRS, acknowledged that StudentRoomStay is the first global accommodation provider to introduce this type of initiative with such dedication to student safety. 

“Both StudentRoomStay and Student Parachute have consistently prioritized an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of international students,” said Lee. 

“By providing personalized accommodation and real-time emergency response services in one primary location, we allow students to enjoy and focus on their study abroad experience with confidence that we are always looking out for their safety and protection.”

CEO of Student Parachute, Carol Tokody, stated that recent global events have proved the importance of providing international students with the emergency support and assistance they need when the unexpected happens.

Tokody said, “This partnership aims to eliminate the gray areas that many students are left with when using any other accommodation provider or student health product. 

“This integration will not only provide students with a solid foundation for safety and success, but will allow their families to have peace of mind no matter where their loved one chooses to study.”

StudentRoomStay.com and the StudentRoomStay app will be available to students worldwide in 2020, starting with an initial launch in the United States. This will quickly be followed by operation launches in Australia, Canada and the rest of the globe.


About Student Parachute

Student Parachute is part of Crisis Cover, a leading provider of geolocation tracking, travel security and assistance membership services to the retail leisure travel market. Operating from the United Kingdom and Australia, Crisis Cover offers a proactive 24/7 worldwide assistance service designed to protect travellers’ and their wellbeing.  Our promise is to get international students and travellers to safety when the unexpected happens. 

Crisis Cover works in partnership with FocusPoint International Inc to deliver its Student Parachute memberships.  For more information, go to www.studentparachute.com.

About StudentRoomStay 

StudentRoomStay (SRS) provides all forms of student accommodation for international and domestic students on a safe and user-friendly platform. SRS was founded by two key figures in the education sector, Adam Lee from California and David Bycroft, based in Brisbane, Australia. 

The co-founders of StudentRoomStay have merged the talents and technologies from their existing government commended entities, the Australian Homestay Network, founded by David Bycroft, and AmeriStudent, founded by Adam Lee. The acquisition of these industry renowned companies by StudentRoomStay will allow SRS to quickly become the global leader in student accommodation.

StudentRoomStay.com and the StudentRoomStay app will launch in the United States in 2020, which will promptly be followed by launches in Australia, Canada and eventually the rest of the world to build the future of student accommodation worldwide.